The Way to Get Ahead is to… Get Behind


You’ve heard it said, “Nice guys finish last.”  In our culture, I believe that it’s just the opposite!

People today are never more willing to quit a great job when they’re supervised by a boss that lords his/her authority over them.   The key to an effective leadership which yields ongoing trust, support, and loyalty is to STOP FOCUSING ON THE PRODUCT, AND FOCUS ON YOUR PEOPLE!  Over and over again, I have found that when I put all of my efforts and energy into the building up and helping of those who I lead in accomplishing their goals and dreams that my organization is able to accomplish far more than I ever could have expected.  By not putting an excessive amount of focus on the product, you free your people to be creative and help them to be fueled by the passion and calling of their own ideas.  This will not only give you a better product in the long run, but it will expand your organization’s reach and effectiveness into areas that you yourself would have never came to on your own.

When’s the last time that you took some of the “regular” roles off of your people to free them to pursue their ideas?  How well do you know your employees’ strengths?  Could they do something different or bigger than you expected? Could their personal dreams and your long term goals align?

Lead by Getting Behind your People, and They will take You and Your Organization to a Better Future!