I’m too busy not to blog!

Even when everything needs to be done, you're never too busy not to blog.

Even when everything needs to be done, you’re too busy not to blog.

As I’ve been making myself the center of attention at my own pity party by allowing myself to believe that I don’t have time for anything ‘extra’ in my life, I realized that this was my reason for letting my blog fade to the annals of my own personal history. However, that was until a much needed and long weekend away with some incredible men in an amazing place with a powerful organization (RhythmInTwenty) that is on one of the most needed missions in our culture.  During my time there, I realized that I had allowed one of my most necessary and healthy habits slip away in my schedule and my mind.  It had become a task on my list and an expendable item during busy times.

The practice of reading, and then taking focused reflection time by thinking about how that reading intersected with my life is, and has always been, the lifeblood during my most fruitful seasons.  As I’ve begun to re-prioritize that into the ‘non-negotiables’ of my daily schedule, I have been able to take away so many fresh ideas and lessons.  These bring encouragement, rejuvenation, and inspiration everyday and allow me to be a better leader and person to everyone that I encounter.

Because I’ve been writing a brief thought during my times of reflection, I realized that don’t have an excuse not to blog.  These thoughts of course do not all need to be recorded in a blog or public sphere.  However, what I realized was, whether it makes it to a blog or stays in the confines of one’s personal journal, a great leader is too busy not to blog!   So for this reason, the future posts may be a little more personal, a little more raw, but it’s my life in leadership… real life version.  I hope you can and will appreciate it!

Be a great leader for your family, organization, club, church, and/or every sphere you have the opportunity by prioritizing personal development AND focused, daily reflection time that will impact your day, week and life.