headshotTRANSI’m a big dreamer with more ideas than I have time… When I’m not in my own mind contemplating life, leadership, faith, humanity, and other things of the sort, I’m spending it with my creative and entrepreneurial wife and energetic children.  Between my time with them and my career in which I have the incredible opportunity to lead many people in a church, it’s difficult to find time to do other things that I love… Adventuring, writing, and creating. This is my attempt to do all three in one place!

I live in Central Michigan and am employed by Mt Pleasant Community Church as the Director of uLife, Momentum, MarriedLife, and Men’s ministries (which are the college-age, young professional, marriage and men respectively).  My wife Mackenzie and I do everything together… life, love, work, ministry, and I wouldn’t be where I’m at now doing any of this with out her being the perfect compliment to my life!